Modern times came to an end before the end of the 1940s, but the development in the field of art continued until the contemporary era. During the renaissance periods, many contexts evolved. Art was one of these contexts and continues to evolve to this day. The artists have risen in numbers to awaken the art in his country. From the years 1945, the rise of several artists was marked in time. Nowadays, the artists who have evolved well in their field are located and remain in all corners of the world: from North to South and from East to West. These are the contemporary artists and among them, there are the most highly rated, but who are they?

The most highly rated artists from America!

The Americans hold the first place when we talk about the artists of the contemporary period. Some artists coming from America have had their rise. Do you know Christopher Wool? He is the first contemporary artist. It was the sale of his black and white silkscreen work of Apocalypse Now for $26 million that got him noticed. Then, figurative painter Peter Doig was also rated higher in the time, as in 2006 one of his works was sold for up to $12 million.

Discover the famous artists of today: they are also in Europe

Europeans do not miss their place among the most highly rated contemporary artists. On this continent, the British artist Damien Hirst is at the top of the list. The latter practices art revolving around the theme of death, in which the sale of a skull adorned with diamonds has become a record in time. This work was sold for over 74 million dollars. After him, the Frenchman Rudolf Stingel made a portrait entitled After Sam, its price was over 10 million dollars in May 2006. They are the representatives of contemporary artist in Europe.

Art has also evolved in the Asian continent

Zeng Fanzhi, a Chinese painter flies his coast, to have sold in Hong Kong his art product about the 23 million dollars. It is the painting of the Cinema! Otherwise, in Japan, YoShitomo Nara known in the field of Japanese pop art holds the most quoted work sold for several million dollars. Thus, we can see that the Asian continent, like all the other continents, has contemporary artists.