You have been invited to a vernissage and you are wondering about the appropriate outfit for this event. To be comfortable at a party you need to start feeling comfortable with what you are wearing.

Tips for dressing for a vernissage

The best way to feel comfortable at a party is to wear your usual outfit even for an opening. There is no need to be dressed up unless your invitation requires it or asks for it. An art opening is not a gala event where it is your attire that will mark the party, but your presence and your appreciation of the artist's talents. Even if other people are dressed in fancy clothes, they may play a role during the vernissage, such as speeches or other artists attending. Because during an opening, many artists attend openings and your look will go unnoticed. Avoid exposing yourself with very daring colors or too intense perfumes, plus the crowd and the spotlights will make the heat rise quickly. Be sure to wear something casual and original. If you have brought a coat or a bag, leave them in the checkroom so as not to clutter the room, and to avoid hanging them on a work of art.

Types of vernissage

It's the time of year for cultural events and an intense period of exhibition openings. And of course all openings are not the same. The openings depend on the artist and the place and the type varies from formal and chic to more casual and others only festive mood. It can even be programmed according to his schedule. A vernissage held in a museum will not attract the same clients as one held in the middle of a shopping mall. A vernissage that opts for the 5 to 7 formula on a Friday, for example, will get less than a vernissage party that starts at 8 p.m. on Friday. And like any other party, a vernissage with sophisticated catered wine and hors d'oeuvres in the presence of speeches will be more formal and elegant than one that features beer and loudmouths. The popularity of the artist is also a game-changer for how the opening party will look.

Where to find special outfits to go to an opening

Therefore, in relation to the fact, do not get confused with the outfit and wear what you have in the wardrobe in accordance with the invitation, the place and the fame of the artist. The first indication is then to feel comfortable and have a good time, because it is possible that you just received an invitation without being too much of a fan of openings.