Contemporary art is far from being a waste or luxury, it should not only interest restricted audiences, its popularization is also essential. Museums and art galleries allow its diffusion and thus its accessibility to the general public. We see that contemporary artists have a great role to play, they add a touch of modernity to their creations to make them unique.

The museums and art galleries that make exhibitions

They have a great role thanks to the exhibitions they organize allowing the revelation of the artist, his value and his convictions, but also for the people who support and sponsor them. They allow the dissemination of the work whether it is for occasions intended for a limited number of people or for art exhibitions open to the public.

What is contemporary art?

Contemporary art includes works of art made since 1945 until now. It is art that the eyes can see and appreciate. Art expresses the crisis of the society and allows the externalization of values. It is often abstract and sometimes shocking to people. It has been reported that the media that artists use, apart from oil paint, pastel, sanguine, ..., can be other unusual media such as waste and even excrement, mirrors, computer software, microfilms, ...

The contemporary artists of the XXIst century

They designate the "Great Masters of the time" or emerging artists. We can mention for example Christopher WOOL, Jenny JACOTTET, Pierre DEVAL and Charles MALLE. In the galleries in Lyon, works by great artists such as Marine de SOOS are exhibited. Those of the famous Benoit BUFFET (1928-1999) are also exposed, bought, sold or appraised. In this art gallery in Lyon, the works of this French artist embody angular characters, sad clowns,... with a style proper to him by the networks of straight and dry lines which he made his pictorial system. He uses oil on canvas, mixed techniques, watercolors, inks, etchings and original lithographs.