As an integral part of modern art, contemporary painting is quite difficult to determine with precision because of the different visions and current artistic trends. A painter practices it when he works on new spaces in creation, but it is mainly his works that will define his belonging to contemporary painting.

Is it possible to give a definition to contemporary painting?

In reality, all living paintings are contemporary, but this expression refers especially to the work of modern artists who break free from the habits of the past. Some people think that a painting is contemporary if it was created after 1945. Others think that the contemporary period started in 1960. Others also say that contemporary paintings are defined as the works of artists who are still alive. So it is not easy to determine when the period really began. In the same way, it is also difficult to assert a definition of contemporary painting through the characteristics because each artist is unique and has a different technique or style. In any case, it holds an important place in contemporary art and the latter becomes controversial when it no longer considers painting as a work in its own right or when it considers the art of the past as the only valid practice.

What does contemporary painting look like today?

A contemporary artist earns his present every day. He must conquer the passing moment, because the past that feeds him is no longer enough. If he is lucky, his work will be a representation of a possible future. The real tool of a contemporary artist is above all the faith and love he has for his craft. The derisory, rituals, habits will save him time and money. The style of a contemporary artist consists in an evolution, a questioning, an expectation. It also refers to a change of approach, of formats, of subject or of forms. The reality of the material, the line, the color must give life to the light in the eye of the beholder.

Characteristics of contemporary painting

It is difficult to determine the specific characteristics of contemporary painting. This is because the works of each artist today are all different and their technique is just as varied. While some artists try to bring a second degree to their paintings, others want to convey a message. Today's artists have their own visions of the world and they do not all approach the same subjects. That's why there are so many different styles of contemporary paintings.