Who are the great painters of figurative art?

Published on : 22 October 20213 min reading time
Figurative art rhymes with everything that is figure. It is used to represent images through different disciplines such as sculpture, ceramics, photography, textile arts, or painting. The figurative art that is painting is not limited to representing an image. It interprets much more: life, nature, feelings… Thus, the originators of such creation deserve to be highlighted or at least recognized.

The masters of painting during the XIX and XX centuries

We are not aware of the fame of painters like Pablo Picasso. Who would ignore the famous oil on canvas: “The starry night” of Vincent Van Gogh? These paintings did not gain popularity so easily.

First of all, these works are part of the genesis of the preponderance of visual arts. These great painters of figurative art are also the source of many of the techniques and guarantors of all creation that we use in our time. They are also the intermediaries who have kept these arts alive and transmitted them. This is why the older their works get, the more important they are, as they trace the history of civilization.

By specializing in naturalism, Claude Monet has not finished impressing the eyes with his colors. Indeed, he too is in the list of great painters of figurative art.

Important movements in the field of visual art

The literary and artistic movements that have succeeded one another in history have greatly influenced the works of great figurative art painters. On the other hand, realism has affected most of them, such as Auguste Renoir; even Vincent Van Gogh. The latter, Vincent Van Gogh, is known for his participation in several movements. Sometimes, the combination of several techniques discovered during the 19th and 20th century has marked his existence, including symbolism, expressionism, impressionism.

Andy Warhol, with “Campbell’s soup can” and “shot Marylin”, advocates and exhibits the still life, while being the king of pop art. The still life which approaches the naturalism, Claude Monet makes use of typically impressionist support in order to make travel the spirits.

Then, the great painter of figurative art Pablo Picasso anchored his name thanks to cubism. It is common for masters to establish a specialty.

Artists and the perception of the world

Everyone perceives the world in a subjective and different way. Artists have the ability to reproduce their own perception or to express the fruit of their imagination. Hence, for example, Jean-Michel Basquiat embodies neo-expressionism to better illustrate his vision in portraits.

Some artists prefer distortions like surrealism. We must not forget Roy Lichtenstein, a great painter of figurative and cubist art who appreciates deformations.

Bernard Buffet tends more towards landscapes, but remains in expressionism. The colors are very primed materials to express thoughts or even to imitate feelings.

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