During the High Renaissance, painting was at its peak. Renowned artists were known for their talents. Their works also expressed their feelings. The High Renaissance developed in Rome. The Popes financed the work of the renaissance painter. Renaissance painting is very well known and worth a lot of money nowadays. Leonardo da Vinci is the master of painting during the High Renaissance in Italy.

The history of renaissance painting

The renaissance lasted for two centuries. Painting reached its peak during the renaissance. There are different ways to paint. It depends on the region you live in, the school you attend or the politics of the nation. In every country, artists make paintings that tell the story of their country. Painting and art become the most dominant activities. Everywhere, there are arts and therefore paintings. The renaissance painter expresses his feelings through his painting. His paintings come from the inspiration they have. Great artists come out of the water and become famous. Many renaissance painters come out of their shells and become very famous. The great artists created paintings that are in their image. Their works are no longer a representation of a scene. They expressed life, passion, talent. They expanded the field of painting. Renaissance painting can be represented as an ancient legend or a sacred legend. The painters also painted the walls of the Vatican and even the museums. They also painted reality. They painted scenes that represent the tobacco shop, the thatched cottage or the bourgeoisie.

The high renaissance and painting

The high renaissance is a representation of the peak of renaissance painting which came into being around the 1500s. Rome and Venice are the most concerned with the painting of the high renaissance. The popes even financed the renaissance painters. There are great artists of renown during the renaissance. Their works are now very sought after and also very expensive. At this time, there is Leonardo da Vinci who is a master of painting during the Italian Renaissance. He is known for his oil and sufmato paintings. Michelangelo is excellent in his field. He did sculpture and architecture. Raphael is known for his art of mastering the rules of perspective and also because he knows how to add harmony between lines and color. Giovanni Bellini even built a school. Some of his students became famous. There is Giorgione, Sebastiano del Piombo and also Titian. They are known to be colorists of the Italian Renaissance.

The height of renaissance painting

The renaissance is the new birth. Born means that there is something new and that will grow day by day. During the renaissance, painting reached its peak. The peak of the renaissance was called the classical renaissance. The painting in Italy is the most famous during these periods. There were great artists who were known. They made works that are beautiful and different. Each of them had their own talents. Leonardo da Vinci, Michelangelo, Raphael and Venetian Tiziano are the most famous from that time until now. They were students of a famous painter. Leonardo da Vinci is the most famous as being universally the most talented. Artists during the height of the Renaissance painted frescoed walls. They used a wooden panel or canvas for easel painting.

The painters of the renaissance

There are several painters who are very well known. Giovanni Bellini was known in 1430-1516. He is a great painter of the renaissance. He was the master of Giorgione and Titian who also became renaissance painters. Giorgione made a bucolic painting. He made a great work: the Sleeping Venus. Titian developed the Venetian school. Leonardo da Vinci is the master of painting. Besides painting, he did sculpture and architecture. He was also an engineer and astronaut. He has many talents. He put art and science in his life. He is curious. He knows everything he does, he is intelligent. Michelangelo is a genius. He did sculpture, architecture, painting and poetry. His works have marked the history of Western art. Raphael worked in Rome at the request of the Pope of the time. His art is classical and has harmony. The painters of the quattrocento are Paolo Uccello, Masaccio, Fra Angelico, Fra Filippo Lippi, Piero della Francesca, Sandro Botticelli. In the Cinquecento there are Leonardo de Viinci, Michelangelo, Raffaello, Tizian, Paolo Veronese, Sandro Botticello, Masaccion and also Fra Angelico.