Figurative art is an artistic style that uses the same materials of art as painting, photos, sculptures as well as textiles and ceramics.

What is figurative art?

This art manifests itself through a representation of the visible in its splendor. The materials used for this art are necessary to give visibility to the works. Sometimes, the visible models are kept in their form and the artists add all the details forming the models to maintain the naturalism. And in the drawings, the representation remains simplified, because the artist keeps the essential by playing with the forms. But there is also a way to organize the shapes by deforming them to create a new visible shape or model, which can even be stylized with the help of the coherence of the deformations. There is then harmony between the organized and composed forms.

What are the characteristics of figurative art?

Through this art, the artist transmits a message by using models from real objects. He transmits his message by keeping the forms or by distorting or changing them. This term normally indicates in the mind an animal or human body. But this art also puts forward, objects as well as flowers which are identified according to the imagination of the artist in a real or unreal fact. The characteristics of figurative art can therefore be stylized or quite realistic. In the art you can find various effects like realism as well as surrealism, hyperrealism, trompe l'oeil, renaissance/but the artist represents them in the real. And also in this art you can have movements like symbolism through impressionism and expressionism, even if they are not obvious in the representation of the real effect. There are 2 main categories in the effect that painting gives off which is abstract art and figurative art. And the abstract art is a branch of the figurative art. Because unlike figurative art, abstract art, does not represent something visibly, but rather a kind of illusion, because for the artist, the object expresses itself.

Where to find figurative art?

Figurative art can be found in art galleries working for these types of art. These are works that come from artists with a lot of imagination. The objects exhibited are sometimes less in an art gallery, because they require a lot of time and precision to convey the messages. You can find in the same room then figurative and abstract art and get confused unless the artist is there to advise you.