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According to the popular classification, there are 7 art forms, taking into account the sensory characteristics used.

Art is an activity in its own right. Artists are recognised professionals. More details on


Whether in suggestion or in demonstration, every work of art always represents a thought, a conviction or a state of mind that the artist wants to convey. Figurative art, especially painting, is an excellent way of conveying a specific message.

The artist can identify with his work and give it the form and colours that communicate his feelings or message. More about art on

Painting is one of the most expressive arts. Through forms and colours, the artist conveys his vision and conception.

Bernard Buffet, a great French painter of the second half of the 20th century, is recognisable by his style and painting technique. The work can thus be the fruit of nature or of the imagination. A selection of oils on canvas from the artist’s different periods, as well as mixed techniques, watercolours, inks, engravings and original lithographs are on permanent display.

From a technical point of view, painting is composed of three elements: colour, support and intermediate coating. Professional painters make a living from their art and practice painting as a profession.


To enhance your collection or to sell your paintings, you can have your art objects (sculpture, photography, painting and others) appraised. The value of a work of art can vary according to its period, its author, but also its rarity. There are experts who specialise in valuing works of art. Online sites also offer this type of service.

If in doubt, you can ask your insurance company for advice. Indeed, depending on the object to be appraised, insurance companies can give you a list of experts with whom they are in contact.

Contemporary art

All works produced from the middle of the 20th century to the present day fall under the heading of contemporary art.

Cubism is an artistic movement that represents objects and bodies in simple geometric forms.

Graffiti is a form of street art that involves writing on walls and public objects.

All artistic reproductions and drawings that are true to life are part of the realist movement, which emerged between 1850 and 1890.

Expressionism is a common art movement characterised by thick lines and violent colours.

Abstract art is an international art movement of the 20th century that represents shapes and colours.

Arts exhibitions bg

Art exhibitions serve to show the works and monuments of artists to the public. In Paris there are several art galleries and museums with different art objects.

An exhibition is often temporary, so it is worth following the calendar available online. However, there are permanent exhibitions.

Private collectors can take out insurance to protect their valuable works of art. This may require a prior assessment to determine the market value of the objects to be insured. These objects can be coveted. This is why insurance helps to prevent possible theft, further more on

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